The solidarity between the peoples of Italy and Vietnam was highlighted at a recent seminar held in Italy’s Genoa port city on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the National Reunification of Vietnam.

Participants, who included representatives of local workers, recalled memories of the movement in support of Vietnam’s resistance war, such as the story of captain Luciano Sossai, who steered the ship Australe to carry medicines and staples from Genoa port to Vietnam in 1973, or the strikes of Genoa workers against US ships during the war.

President of the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association in the Liguria region Mauro Cotogno hailed the significance of the April 30, 1975 event, which put an end to the war in Vietnam and reunified the country.

The event is the victory of not only Vietnam people but also workers in Genoa and Italy at large, he said, adding that they will stand side by side with Vietnam during its nation-building and safeguarding cause.

The victory 40 years ago was also the focus of a talk in Milan city, held by the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Speaking at the two events, Vietnamese Ambassador to Italy Nguyen Hoang Long expressed his gratitude for the support of generations of Italian workers and communists for Vietnam’s struggle for liberation in the past and its nation-building and safeguarding cause at present.

The ambassador on April 30 granted an interview to Radio RAI 1 on the war consequences in Vietnam, the country’s current situation and its relations with the US over the past 40 years.-VNA