Malaysia’s The New Straits Times said Vietnam’s beautiful beaches in the central region are ideal destinations for Valentines’ Day.

The paper says that Vietnam’s central coastline is gaining increasing attention from beach-lovers and honeymooners. Couples will be rewarded with a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere amid palm-fringed beaches and picturesque craggy coastlines against the backdrop of mountain ranges and windswept dunes.

It suggests travellers visit the beaches in February when the weather is cool and sunny with fewer rainy spells. The warm, dry season falls between March and September.

It says that the unique natural landscapes, people, and culture in the central coastal region of Vietnam will provide holidaymakers with memorable experiences, which are guaranteed to keep couples and families loved up this Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, CNN recently names the ancient town of Hoi An in the central coastal province of Quang Nam as one of the world’s 13 most romantic places to visit.

Hoi An “may have rocketed in popularity in recent years, but even increased visitor numbers can’t detract from the undeniably quaint and romantic feel of this former trading port”.

CNN also says the old town features ancient temples, houses and stores built around canals and pedestrian bridges that let you wander hand in hand, with hundreds of multicoloured lanterns swaying in coastal breezes.-VNA