Vietnam ’s consumer price index (CPI) in 2013 is predicted to increase by about 6 percent as compared with the previous year, the lowest rate recorded over the past decade.

According to Nguyen Bich Lam, head of the General Statistics Office (GSO), with this level of acceleration in the CPI, the National Assembly’s target of curbing inflation in 2013 is within the reach.

He attributed the rate to the Government’s management as well as efforts made by branches and agencies to drastically implement measures and policies on controlling inflation, market prices and the supply and demand of goods during year-end months.

Abundant foodstuff thanks to bumper crops this year, plus low purchasing power have also contributed to the performance, he added.

Lam further said that as many as 17 cities and provinces nationwide have adjusted healthcare cost, resulting in a rise of 19.5 percent in the CPI of medicines and healthcare services.

Lam blamed localities’ increase of tuition fees, hikes in the prices of oil and gas, and electricity, and consequences of 15 storms that have so far hit Vietnam this year on the of CPI acceleration rate.

The official forecast that the December CPI will not climb to a high level. However, he added, the CPI in January 2014 is expected to see a high jump due to high demands for commodities during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

The GSO forecast that the CPI will edge up only 7 percent next year, he said.-VNA