A Vietnamese defence delegation led by Vice Director of the Ministry of National Defence’s Institute for Defence Strategy, Colonel Nguyen Hong Quan, is attending the 3 rd Jakarta International Defence Dialogue (JIDD) in Indonesia’s capital city from March 20-21.

Themed “Defence and Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific Region”, the event saw the presence of Indonesia’s President Susilo Basmbang Yudhoyono and Timor Leste’s Prime Minister Xaxana Gusmao among 1,300 officials and diplomats from 39 countries and organisations.

This year’s dialogue focuses on discussing several issues, including Asia’s emergence and the new geopolitics of the Asia–Pacific region; Asia’s impacts on economics, defence and diplomacy issues; threats and challenges in the Asia–Pacific region; maritime challenges in disputed seas; enhancing control and cooperation in preventing border gaps; and upholding the Asia–Pacific region’s defence industry capacity.

Addressing the event, Indonesian Minister of Defence Purnomo Yusgiantoro stressed the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Asia–Pacific region – the most dynamic and fastest growing region in the world.

JIDD is an opportunity for the region’s countries to take part in open dialogues, seeking solutions to challenges, building and protecting a peaceful, secure, sustainable and favourable environment for a better future based on mutual understanding and common goals, he noted.

The Timo Leste’s Prime Minister highly valued the efforts of Indonesia in resolving conflicts, maintaining peace and stability in the region. He said dialogue and cooperation are the most suitable and effective solutions for territorial disputes in the region and tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Indonesia’s President Yudhoyono stressed the role and contribution of Indonesia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in peacefully addressing the divergences and territorial disputes between member countries, and between ASEAN and other countries, as well as its central role in forming the East Asia structure through a range of positive initiatives.

The leader underlined the importance of maintaining peace, security and stability in the East Sea, in the background big countries including India, China, the US and Russia are implementing national strategies toward the region.

According to him, the current East Sea dispute is a complicated matter, requiring not only patience, goodwill, the respect of international laws, but also an appropriate time as well.

To establish the ASEAN Community by 2015 and effectively respond to global challenges, ASEAN should do its utmost to foster cooperation and dialogue to solve disputes, boost solidarity as well as accelerate regional and global integration, he noted.-VNA