According to the latest economic update by the World Bank for Vietnam, the country’s economy expanded 5.2% in Q4 of last year, and respectively 5.1% and 7.7% in Q1 and Q2 of this year. Inflation is projected to average 3.8% over the year.

The bi-annual report “lays out a set of policy recommendations that could help mitigate the impact of these risks and make the economy more resilient going forward.”

Titled “Taking Stock: Educate to Grow”, the edition underlines transforming the higher education system as the key to boosting the country’s productivity and achieving its development goals, in the context where the country re-emerges from the pandemic and into a challenging global environment.

Focusing on tertiary and higher education, the bank’s report recommends reforming the education system to improve quality and access, and thus provide the necessary skills to the population./.