In 2020-2021, despite being heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam’s GDP still maintained positive growth, mainly thanks to the growth of import-export and investment, especially foreign direct investment.

In fact, a number of industries recovered strongly after the epidemic such as retail, personal goods, and pharmaceuticals, due to a good recovery in domestic demand.

Construction industry pins hope in public investment, FDI and real estate to bounce back. Some industries showed good recovery reaching close to the pre-pandemic period, including transportation, warehousing, and forestry, while logistics sector is expected to be a bright spot in the coming years.

The Asian Development Bank has forecasted that Vietnam's economic growth will recover to 6.5% in 2022 and reach 6.7% in 2023.

The International Monetary Fund, meanwhile believes that the figures will be 6% in 2022 and 7.2% in 2023./.