Vietnam’s exports to US soar hinh anh 1Processing shrimp for exports (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam exported 35 billion USD worth of goods to the US in January-November, 2016, representing a remarkable rise of 14 percent over the same period last year.

The US topped the list of countries importing Vietnamese key products, such as garment-textile, footwear, machinery, equipment and spare parts, seafood, and timber products.

According to the Vietnam Customs, the country’s total import-export turnover exceeded 316.9 billion USD in the 11-month period, of which exports reached 159.94 billion USD and imports, 156.96 billion USD.

Mobile phones and components were the biggest hard currency earner (31.6 billion USD), followed by garment-textile (21.56 billion USD), computers, electronic products and spare parts (16.68 billion USD).

The US was the second largest importer of Vietnamese mobile phones and components, after the European Union, with 3.95 billion USD, up 52.7 percent.

The country spent over 10.33 billion USD buying Vietnamese apparel products, a yearly increase of 4.7 percent, accounting for 47.9 percent of the sector’s total import turnover.

Vietnamese footwear was mainly exported to the US, fetching over 4.03 billion USD, up 10 percent against the previous year, making up 34.6 percent of the sector’s total import turnover.

Regarding seafood, the US remains a key market, importing 1.33 billion USD, up 11 percent.

The US was the third biggest importer of Vietnamese farm produce with 1.71 billion USD, up 24.7 percent, after China and the EU.

In January-November, Vietnam mainly imported computers, electronic products and spare parts (25.33 billion USD), machinery and equipment (25.24 billion USD), mobile phones and components (9.56 billion USD).

The Republic of Korea (RoK) continued to be the largest supplier of computers, electronic products and spare parts for Vietnam with the import value of 7.94 billion USD, up 26.3 percent.

It was followed by China (5.36 billion USD, up 12.1 percent), China’s Taiwan (2.9 billion USD, up 43.4 percent), Japan (2.54 billion USD, up 20.7 percent), and the US (1.97 billion USD, up 50 percent).

Meanwhile, China remained the biggest provider of machinery, equipment and components for Vietnam over the past 11 months with 8.27 billion USD, an annual rise of 1.5 percent.

The RoK and Japan ranked second and third, with 5.12 billion USD and 3.72 billion USD, respectively.

Vietnam also imported raw materials worth nearly 16.17 billion USD in January-November, showing a yearly increase of 2.1 percent.

Main markets include China (over 7.3 billion USD, up 4.5 percent), the RoK (over 2.63 billion USD, up 2 percent), and China’s Taiwan (over 2.09 billion USD, up 2.4 percent)./.