The revenue from Vietnam’s exports reached 6 billion USD in January, up over 18 percent from the same period last year thanks to higher priced commodities, said the General Statistics Office on January 27.

Rubber exports reached 337 million USD, a rise of 46.5 percent in volume and 146 percent in value while oil and gas exports increased by 23.7 percent in volume and 58 percent in value. Fisheries exports also rose by 30 percent in value, reaching 400 million USD.

However, even with a modest growth of just over 10 percent, garments were still the country’s biggest currency earner, raking in 900 million USD.

Compared to the previous month in 2010, total export turnover decreased by 20 percent due to a global drop in trade during the new year holidays.

Also in January, the turnover of imports was 7 billion USD, up 15.5 percent, a drop of one billion USD and accounting for 16.67 percent of total export turnover.

The foreign invested sector contributed 3.17 billion USD to the country’s total export turnover while importing only 2.9 billion USD. Meanwhile, the domestic economic sector contributed 2.8 billion USD to exports and imported 4.1 billion USD worth of materials./.