Vietnam’s frigate participates in MILAN 2022 sea phase hinh anh 1The MILAN 2022 sea phase runs from March 2 to 4 with a journey spanning 500 nautical miles.(Source:
Hanoi (VNA) - Vietnam's Frigate 016 - Quang Trung left the port of the Indian city of Visakhapatnam on March 2 to join the three-day sea phase of the ongoing multilateral naval exercise MILAN 2022.

The frigate belongs to the 3rd tactical group which includes seven ships from India, France, Sri Lanka, Seychelles and Vietnam. The group is set to perform a series of exercises involving communications, team movements, sea logistics, and boat training. In addition, it will exercise artillery fire and handling situations at sea like saving people falling into the water, and dealing with mechanical and technical problems.

As scheduled, during the sea phase, the 016-Quang Trung will manoeuver across 500 nautical miles in 56 hours.

At the end of the exercise, all 13 frigates of 13 nations participating in the phase will join a meeting to draw experience directly on board the Indian command ship.

Vietnam’s frigate participates in MILAN 2022 sea phase hinh anh 2Officers and sailors of the 016-Quang Trung operate the vessel to the gathering location. (Photo:
Talking to a reporter from the Quan doi nhan dan (People's Army) newspaper, Colonel Nguyen Van Ngan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy Region 4, affirmed that participating in drills at sea is an opportunity for the Vietnam People's Navy to demonstrate its qualifications and capabilities to master weapons and technical equipment, as well as to improve its ability to coordinate with navies of other countries.

Themed “Camaraderie-Cohesion-Collaboration”, the two-phase MILAN 2022 takes place from February 25 to March 4 at onshore and offshore locations east of Visakhapatnam./.