Rehann Croquevielle  is one of the most renowned portrait photographers worldwide. Leaving behind his hectic life in France, the photographer has chosen Vietnam as his second home over the past 10 years. Recently he opened a museum entitle Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum in the ancient town of Hoi An, contributing to preserving and introducing the beauty of Vietnam’s people and culture to the world.

 Situated in Phan Boi Chau street, Hoi An town, central Quang Nam province, the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum displays more than 500 portrait photos which feature typical Asian faces.

The museum is where Rehahn Croquevielle shows his special affection for the Southeast Asian country’s people and its land after calling it his home for the past decade.

Each photo is an unforgettable memory of Rehann of Vietnamese people, and the peaceful and hospitable country.

In his photo book, the cover photo of Madam Bui Thi Xong, a 78-year-old boat rower has impressed international friends and was voted “the world’s most beautiful photo of a woman.”

Especially, the museum also displays a collection of traditional costumes of more than 30 Vietnamese ethnic minority groups. It is considered as the country’s biggest traditional costume collection of an individual.

Rehann plans to continue his journeys and meet the nine remaining Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups to complete his photo book on the country’s 54 ethnic minority groups. In the meantime, his museum always opens its door to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to home and foreign visitors.-VNA