Vietnam’s maritime archaeology potential is considered vast and unexplored as the country’s seas, coastal relic sites and trade ports still house a great number of antiquities, experts said at a workshop held in Hanoi on May 7.

Participants elaborated that Vietnam set up relations with kingdoms and cultural and economic hubs in Asia due to its proximity to a key commercial navigation route in Southeast Asia, enabling it to serve as a bridge linking Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

People of the Dai Viet, Champa, and Oc Eo-Phu Nam civilisations and different dynasties in Vietnam’s history enhanced trade with regional countries and exported a variety of products.

Vietnamese porcelain and other products have been discovered at many ports, archaeological sites, and historical and cultural relics in Southeast Asian, Northeast Asian, and Southwest countries as well as faraway seas, scientists said.

At the workshop, they also discussed Vietnam’s occupation and exploitation of seas and islands, research findings and the study and utilisation of maritime archaeological heritage.

The function was held by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities under the Vietnam National University - Hanoi.-VNA