Two-way trade between Vietnam and South Africa is expected to reach 875 million USD in 2013, up nearly 17 percent from the previous year.

Of the sum, export revenue stands at 760 million USD and import value, 115 million USD, respectively.

Vietnam’s major export items to South Africa – the country’s largest trade partner in Africa include footwear, garment and textiles, rubber, rice, coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, and chemicals.

Over the past two years, mobile phones have made significant contributions to the country’s export turnover to South Africa.

Meanwhile, South Africa mainly ships metal, chemicals and materials in service of the garment and textile and footwear industries to Vietnam.

The outcomes mirror the two Governments’ resolve and efforts to promote their all-round cooperation, especially economic and trade ties.

According to Vietnamese Commercial Counselor in South Africa Le Kinh Thang, the two countries still boast a lot of potential for trade cooperation, suggesting them pay more attention to business environment and commercial competitiveness.

He called on Vietnamese businesses to access the South African market in order to explore the country’s demands, considering the organisation of trade fairs as the most effective way to realise such efforts.-VNA