Two-way trade between Vietnam and Spain during the first nine months of 2013 was valued at 1.650 billion EUR, a 13.6 percent higher than that of 2012.

According to initial reports from Spanish customs, Vietnam export nearly 1.468 billion EUR products to Spain, up 9.8 percent, while its import value from the South European country reached 182.7 million EUR, 21 percent higher year-on-year.

Vietnam’s main exports to Spain include electric and electronic, footwear and accessory, garment-textile, coffee, machinery and mechanics, aquacultic products, bags and rubber.

Meanwhile, it mainly imports seafood, chemical, plastic products, leather, cattle feed and pharmaceutical products from Spain.

The two countries’ trade turnover, for the first time exceeded the milestone of 2 billion EUR, standing at 2.3 billion EUR in 2012, higher than the previous year, with a high trade surplus from Vietnam.-VNA