Telemor, a brand of the military-run telecom group Viettel in Timor Leste, has set up its network in the country’s villages and hamlets only after one year of infrastructure construction.

It has installed 320 2G and 3G base transceiver stations and 1,600 km fiber optic covering 96 percent of the local population. It now boasts a widespread telecom equipment distribution system with 2,500 outlets.

Telemor is leading the telecom market in Timor Leste with 400,000 customers. It expects to generate 17 million USD in revenue and 4 million USD in profit since the beginning of this year.

Set up in 2012 with an initial investment of 15 million USD, Telemor has become the sixth overseas brand of Viettel, providing telecom services and equipment such as mobile phones, wire and wireless fixed phones and the Internet.

Besides business operations, it has also paid much attention to community activities in the host country.-VNA