Vietnam ’s military-run telecoms group, Viettel, officially opened a branch in the Mozambican capital of Maputo on May 15.

After a one year trial, the group now has the largest telecoms network in Mozambique , called Movitel.

Movitel has the most extensive coverage in Mozambique , with 1,800 2G and 3G transceiver stations, which cover 100 percent of the East African country.

Movitel has also installed more than 50 percent of Mozambique ’s mobile phone infrastructure and 70 percent of the country’s optic fibre cable network, almost 12,600 km.

It is also the largest distributor, operating 50 shops and supplying 25,000 dealers across the country.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mozambican President Armado Emilio Guebuza lauded Movitel for its contribution to the country’s communications network. Mozambique now has one of the most modern telecoms infrastructure in Africa .

Mozambique now has the third largest optic fibre cable network in Africa, after South Africa and Nigeria , said the Mozambican Minister of Transport and Communications, Jaquenly Michael.

The country is Viettel’s fifth overseas market and is its first in Africa , which still holds a lot more potential.

In 2011, the group earned nearly 6 billion USD. With 60 million subscribers worldwide and is one of the 15 largest companies globally in terms of the number of subscribers.-VNA