Viettel gives users free SIM before 4G launch hinh anh 1Viettel’s users will be provided free 4G SIM cards to use the service. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA)
-  Viettel Telecom will provide free 4G SIM cards to its users ahead of the launch of its 4G network in the first quarter of 2017.

From January 1 to March 1, customers can visit Viettel’s shops, supermarkets and postal offices nationwide to swap their current SIMs for 4G SIMs.

Viettel said its infrastructure is in place for the launch of 4G services, which will allow its users to watch HD videos, do video streaming and download and upload quickly. The 4G service will be compatible with all types of mobile phones in the market.

In Hanoi and HCM City and other key cities, customers will be able to enjoy the 4G service as soon as Viettel completes installing its base transceiver stations.

“We invested in equipment and started installing infrastructure to widen the 4G coverage area as soon as we got the licence. Viettel expects a mobile internet boom in Vietnam and 4G to become hugely popular,” said Hoang Son, Viettel Telecom’s General Director.

Viettel is the only network provider in Vietnam that has successfully launched 4G across different markets in the world, such as in Burundi, Laos, Haiti and Peru. — VNA