The military telecom group Viettel on August 16 launched a prepaid service called “Sea+” for people in coastal and sea areas.

Developed in parallel with efforts on the sea and island coverage, the Sea+ service was designed with special preferences and features with a view to helping make the lives of people in sea and coastal areas safer and more convenient.

Accordingly, customers will be provided with free maritime weather forecasts for a registered area and unlimited access to emergency contact numbers.

Viettel has built a switchboard centre 1111 to clear up queries on maritime weather at 1,000 VND per minute for Sea+ users.

Apart from investing in infrastructure for sea and island areas, Viettel sought to provide a special service to match the needs of those in coastal and sea areas, especially fishermen on the high seas and workers at marine platforms, Viettel Director Hoang Son said.

About 29.2 million people now reside and work in sea and coastal areas./.