The military-run telecoms group Viettel on February 28 offered a maximum charge of 199,000 VND (9.5 USD) per day (exclusive of VAT) to subscribers when using data roaming services to networks in some foreign countries.

The international roaming service allows Viettel’s subscribers to use their own mobile phone number with services such as SMS, GPRS, EDGE and 3G overseas.

In case roaming subscribers spend less than 199,000 VND, they will pay the charge regulated by Viettel based on the total output of used data.

Generally, some Vietnamese network operators provide a roaming charge from 10 to 15 USD per megabyte, but some charge 20 USD per megabyte.

Earlier in October, 2010, Viettel made a breakthrough with a 60 percent discount in its roaming service, making it the cheapest roaming provider in the Vietnamese telecoms market.

Viettel is also the largest roaming coverage provider in Vietnam with 274 networks in 131 countries and territories./.