Customers at a Viettel customer services centre. (Source :tin247)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Prime Minister has approved a plan to raise military-run Telecommunications Group's (Viettel's) charter capital.

Accordingly, the company's charter capital will triple to 300 trillion VND (13.3 billion USD) for the 2015-20 period.

Viettel is the country's leading telecommunications group with revenues of 193.1 trillion VND (8.6 billion USD) last year, a three-time increase compared to 2009.

Last year, the company posted a pre-tax profit of 42 trillion VND (2 billion VND), a four-time increase compared to 2009.

Viettel has 57.4 million subscribers, of which 55.5 million are mobile subscribers and 1.9 million are landline users. The figures for subscribers in the foreign market are 17.5 million for mobiles and 815,000 with landlines.

With respect to infrastructure, Viettel has more than 63,600 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) throughout the country, and 19,100 stations abroad.

By 2020 the telecom group hopes to report a record revenue of 500 trillion VND (22.2 billion USD).

Research and development, along with equipment manufacturing, are considered the three key pillars of Viettel's development strategy, apart from domestic and overseas telecommunications.

Notably, Viettel has mastered technology for its equipment and military weapon production, laying a solid foundation for the development of a defence industrial complex and firmly protecting the nation's sovereignty in all fields.

The coverage and quality of its 3G network meet all criteria set by the supervisory agencies, providing telecommunication, television and information technology services to clients, having successfully transformed itself from an operator to a content and application provider.-VNA