Village for ethnic culture hosts various activities for children hinh anh 1A woman from the Ta Oi group weaves zeng cloth (Photo:


Hanoi (VNA) – A wide range of cultural activities themed "Summer Flavour for Children" will take place throughout July at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi’s Son Tay township.

The activities aim to praise the role and responsibility of young people in the community and introduce culture and customs of various ethnic minority groups.

“My Summer Days” programme will continue throughout July with exhibitions and folk games and making kites as well as lessons on traditional instruments.

Various folk games from ethnic minority groups like nem pao (ball throwing) of the Mong, day gay (stick pushing) of the Muong, to ma le (game with local nuts) of the Thai, and nem vong (ring throwing) of the Co Tu will be introduced in the programme.

Children will be taught how to recycle plastic objects to compete in a contest titled “A Small Act with Big Pile of Plastic Waste” at the site.

Traditional textile weaving will be presented at the village through live performances by artisans.

The groups include Thai, Muong, Kho Mu with traditional brocade; Mong with linen weaving; Ta oi group with zeng brocade, which has been recognised as a National Intangible Heritage by the culture ministry.

Zeng brocade cloth is created from cloth threads and beads, which is used in various utensils.

The art of weaving zeng cloth, which is a special feature in the Ta oi’s culture, praises the role of women in society. Mothers teach the art to young women, who reach marriage age. The future bride should give a piece of zeng cloth to her husband’s family as a gift. The delicate weaved cloth will reflect the skill of the bride.-VNA