Lam Dong (VNA) - Duom Dai K' Bat, 77, a village patriarch at Dinh Van town, Lam Ha district in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, owns a collection of invaluable items that help maintain the K'Ho ethnic group's culture.

The ancient house on stilts which many generations of his family live in is where he preserves many hundreds of years old appliances typical of the K'Ho people, including che ruou can (jars of wine drunk through pipes), gongs, ken bau (a double reed wind instrument), dishes and combs made of buffalo's horns.

"For other people, these things are valueless but for me, they are very precious," he said.

These objects are often used in village rituals such as wedding ceremonies, funerals and housewarmings.

"The green jar is the most precious which I bought for tens buffalo. Many people want to buy it but I won't sell because I want to keep it for the next generations to help them learn more about the country's traditional culture," he said.-VNA