VinFast announces opening of pre-orders for electric vehicles in Vietnam, US hinh anh 1VF e35 at Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 (Source: VinFast)
Hanoi (VNA) Automaker VinFast on January 4 announced it will receive pre-orders for its electric SUV models VF e35 and VF e36 in Vietnam and the US during the VinFast Global EV Day within the framework of the technology exhibition CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the US.

Accordingly, pre-orders for the vehicles will open at 5pm on January 5 (Las Vegas time), or 8am of January 6 (Hanoi time). Special offers from VinFirst programme will be given to those who book the two models within the first three months.

In Vietnam, customers who will have to pay 15 million VND (659 USD) in advance for VF e35 and 20 million VND for VF e36 will receive gift vouchers worth 150 million VND and 250 million VND,  respectively. Meanwhile, customers in the US who pay 200 USD in advance will get an e-voucher worth 3,000 USD for VF e35 and 5,000 USD for VF e36. In both markets, the pre-orders are refundable.

During the event, VinFast will introduce blockchain application in the process of ordering ownership verification as well as future promotion for customers, becoming a pioneering automaker in the field.

Prices of VF e35 and VF e36 for Vietnamese and US markets will be announced at the same time, while their prices in Europe and Canada will be revealed later.
VF e35 and VF e36 are two electric SUV models in the eespective segments D and E, which debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021.

These two electric vehicles integrate Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, featuring lane assist, collision warning, driver monitoring, fully automated parking, summon vehicle, and more.

They are also equipped with Smart Infotainment, including in-car control features with voice assistant, virtual assistant, and e-commerce services.

VinFast Global EV Day will take place at 4pm on January 5 (Las Vegas time), or 7am on January 6 (Hanoi time)./.