VinFast plans to open more than 30 other stores in the state this year while also exploring expansion to others across the US.

VinFast stores include footprints designated as VinFast "1S, 2S, and 3S". VinFast 1S stores are primarily located in high-visibility shopping centers, focusing on vehicle display and sales. VinFast 3S stores have full car and parts sales, and service centers. And VinFast 2S stores offer both parts and service, and also support nearby VinFast 1S stores.

At VinFast Stores, customers can explore the interior and exterior details of VinFast's electric SUVs, which are the VF 8 and VF 9, while experiencing the advanced technologies bundled as part of the VinFast Smart Driving package.

Visitors can also learn more about VinFast's flexible and innovative sales plans and engage one-on-one with VinFast consultants on questions regarding both products and services./.