The southern province of Vinh Long has planned to intensify e-commerce promotion activities for local key farm products in 2014.

The plan is to help enterprises and producers operating in the field popularise their goods and seek new markets.

Accordingly, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will summon its efforts to improve the quality of farm shops while building 13 websites to serve the product promotion of businesses, cooperatives and trade villages.

In addition, it will also widely introduce 120 agricultural specialities such as Binh Minh watercress, My Hoa Nam Roi grapefruit, Binh Tan sweet potato, Phuoc Dinh apricot blossom and Tan Khanh Java rambutan to provinces and cities across the country.

The local Rural and Agricultural Information Centre will also provide information to the public on the price of farm produce twice a week via a free SMS service.

This action is expected to help enterprises, cooperatives and farmers to swiftly grasp the price movement and market demand, thus making business plans more appropriate.

In 2014, Vinh Long will carry out a plan to restructure its agricultural sector for the 2014-2020 period, focusing on reinforcing and enhancing the ability of local trade promotion centres to speed up product promotion.

It will also work hard to support businesses in building brand names, geographical indicators, and market information for key commodities, including rice, fruit, vegetables and aquatic products.-VNA