Vinh Phuc factories thirsty for female workers hinh anh 1​Female workers are working at a foreign-invested factory in Khai Quang Industrial Park, northern Vinh Phuc province. (Photo: VNA)

Vinh Phuc (VNA) – The thirst for female workers is real at industrial parks in northern Vinh Phuc province where the more foreign direct investment (FDI) projects arrive, the more demand for female workers rises, as they are believed to be more skilled at certain jobs.

According to the trade union of Vinh Phuc’s industrial parks, the number of FDI enterprises in Vinh Phuc rose 54.5 percent from 90 in early 2014 to 139 by March 2017. These companies have recruited 37,790 employees to date, a jump of 86.6 percent from three years ago with an estimated 65-70 percent of them women.

Local factories have been crying out for workers with recruitment ads hung on the entrances looking for hundreds of employees. For example, JAHWA VINA Electronics from the Republic of Korea has been looking for 5,000 workers while its peers from the RoK, AMOVINA, Vina Circuit and Cammsys have been seeking 500.

Most of these recruiters seemed to favour female over male candidates as women are considered to be more skilled and suitable for work in textiles, packing and assembling which account for a large proportion of the positions needed.

The recruitment has been not that easy as the female workforce has not grown as fast as the factories’ labour demand.

Many benefits have been given by the FDI companies to encourage female workers to stick around, including building residential halls, kindergartens and schools for them and their children near the industrial parks; and providing them with higher payment, return shuttle buses and insurance.

However, more effective measures, from not only the FDI companies but also local authorities, should be developed to help the companies meet their workforce needs.-VNA