Vinh Phuc gives green light to developing Rung lake tourism site hinh anh 1Rung lake in Vinh Phuc (Photo: VNA)

Vinh Phuc (VNA) – The northern midland province of Vinh Phuc has given the green light for Vinh Tuong district to implement its 264-billion-VND (11.35 million USD) project on building the Rung lake cultural-eco tourism site.

Designed to span 240.26 ha, including 80 ha of water surface, across the four communes of Tam Phuc, Tu Trung, Ngu Kien and Phu Da, the site will consist of five functional sectors surrounding the Rung lake.

There are a convention centre serving the organization of conferences and other cultural and musical activities; a resort that offer accommodations and relaxation services; an entertainment area where tourists can join several sports like canoeing, football, volleyball, and tennis; an area for eco-tourism and cultural activities; and an eco-residential quarter with villas, garden houses and greenery.

Formed as a result of the Ky Giang river changing its course, the 80-ha Rung lake has long been known far and wide not only for its clean air and green landscape but also for cultural activities of local communities like the Dung festival, festivals of  Phu Da and Duc Ong temples, along with many cultural, historical sites and several craft villages.

The lake is divided into two separate areas serving fish farming and eco-tourism with a tree-covered mound emerging at the centre. Locals said the lake has never been run out of water, even during prolonged hot and drought periods.

With the ongoing development project, the site is expected to become a local tourist destination, attracting approximately 10,000 visitors on an annual basis once operational and contributing to Vinh Phuc’s socio-economic growth.

The Rung lake site will also become a base for short tours to local tourist destinations such as the An Tuong cultural-historic relic complex, traditional craft villages and folk festivals. From the site, tourists can also get tours to other famous destinations in Vinh Phuc such as Tam Dao resort town, Tay Thien relic site, and Dai Lai lake.

The project is in line with the province’s goal to welcome 6 million tourists this year, including 43,500 foreigners, and rake in 1.91 trillion VND (82.13 million USD) from the tourism sector.

With the increasing numbers and the diversification of tourism services, the target is reachable, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism department said.

Vinh Phuc is now home to 67 hotels and 299 lodging facilities with a total of 6,389 standard rooms. There are 10 travel businesses operating in the locality, including four international firms.

It also houses to several popular tourist destinations. Notably, Tam Dao Resort is an ideal summer resort in the north, standing 900m above sea-level.

The Tam Dao National Park is just nearby where the vegetation coverage is representative of five types of tropical forest. The flora consists of 904 species and the rich fauna includes 307 species.

At the foot of Tam Dao Mountain, Dai Lai Lake is an artificially created lake. Dai Lai is blessed with a favourable climate, cool summer and warm winter. Over the lake lies a 3-hectare island which is home to difference kinds of birds. Tourists also have a chance to enjoy panoramic view of the lake from top of Than Lan Mountain.

Located 90km from Tam Dao, Tay Thien Site is well-known with the beauty of forests, streams, waterfalls, and grottoes.

The province also has bountiful tangible and intangible cultural values through nearly 1,000 relics such as Ha Tien Pagoda, Binh Son Tower, Huong Canh Temple, Hai Ba Trung Temple and Dong Dau archeological site. Visitors will also be fascinated with local traditional feasts, peculiar crafts, melodious folk songs, traditional popular games as well as tasteful local dishes./.