Vinh Phuc: Revenue of supporting-industry firms surges 8 percent hinh anh 1A supporting-industry firm in Vinh Phuc province

Vinh Phuc (VNA) – Electrical and electronic businesses in the supporting industry of the northern midland province of Vinh Phuc have gained over 2.58 billion USD in revenue so far this year, surging 8 percent from the same time last year.

In the period, the firms’ export value was estimated to rise 5 percent year-on-year to over 2.22 billion USD.

Besides, they contributed more than 914 billion VND (39.4 million USD) to the state budget, up 10 percent as compared to the same period last.

Currently, the companies are creating jobs for nearly 50,000 labourers, or 2,500 higher than the end of last year.

From the outset of this year, the firms have promoted production, increased capital, and expanded business scale. Companies recording robust business achievements include Haesung Vina Co., Ltd, DST Vina Co., Ltd, and Sekonix Vina Co., Ltd./.