Phạm Pháo villagers are known for their ability to play trumpets very well. They are also skilled craftsmen who can repair broken trumpets. Through time, the people here have built a good reputation for their ability to create great trumpets.

Every day, craftsmen in the village still produce many types of trumpets. Almost all the processes of producing a trumpet were made by skilled hands, even the polishing and sound testing stages.

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Cường is a 2nd generation successor in a family famous for creating good trumpets. Every copper tube was rolled flat and hammed to a trumpet, said Mr. Cường. The craftsmen only use machine tools when they want to curl or lathe details on the trumpet.

Although the process to make trumpets here looks rough and simple, their quality is very good.

Cường's family produces 10-20 trumpets each year. They also repair many broken trumpets sending in from all over the country. The material to make a trumpet can be copper, chrome, silver, or even gold depending on each order.

In their daily life, Phạm Pháo villagers are just normal people. But when their parish has an event, they will transform into artists with the ability to play trumpets like professionals.

On every mass day, the people of Phạm Pháo also play their trumpets. They play this instrument for the love of their village so their performance always win the audience's heart./.