With a bold impression of a typical village in the central region of Vietnam, Phuoc Tich ancient village is gradually becoming a hot destination for tourists coming to Hue.

The village belongs to the Phong Hoa commune of Huong Dien district in Thua Thien-Hue province.

According to some historical documents, the village was formed in the 15th century. The name Phuoc Tich means the people in the village will accumulate many blessings for their next life.

What makes Phuoc Tich village special is its ancient houses and traditional garden houses from ancient times.

Currently, there are about 30 old houses in the village (including 10 churches, the rest are typical ruong houses of Hue). In which, there are 12 houses which are considered high value.

Interestingly, each of those houses has a large garden, separated by rows of neatly trimmed tea.

Besides beautiful ancient houses, Phuoc Tich ancient village also has a unique traditional craft of pottery making.

In the past, ceramics created from Phuoc Tich pottery village was considered precious and only used to serve the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty.

True to the meaning of the name of the village, generations of people here continue the tradition left by their fathers.

From generation to generation, they still work hard and creatively to create great values for the village.

The unique ancient architecture, the cultural features of local clans, the unique craft village – all of this have created a bold cultural beauty of the central region./.