Tan Minh vegetable field in Tan Minh Commune, Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi This is an area mainly growing herbs for Ha Noi.

Main crops are perilla, coriander, rice paddy herb, laksa leaves and many other kinds of herbs.

Farmers in Tan Minh commune said: “There is no season for this job. Local farmers grow vegetables around the year as they could not grow rice.” In order to have fresh bunches of herbs each day, farmers have to harvest herbs once every day in spite of hot weather or rains.

People often stop harvesting herbs before 5pm to bring the herbs to the markets or sell to wholesalers.

A local resident said: “Enough is enough. Each day, I just hope to earn some tens of thousands of dong from selling the herbs.” It requires a lot of hard work and sweats from farmers but there are always full of smiles and joy of working./.