On the occasion of the country's ceremony, people in Tu Van village, Le Loi commune, Thuong Tin, Hanoi are busy with making thousands of national red flags.

This is a traditional village specializing in the embroidery of the national red flags with the yellow star for more than 70 years. Tu Van villagers proudly say that their village sewed the national flags on September 2, 1945. And after 75 years, this year, they are still diligently continuing their work to produce the best flags.

To make a beautiful flag, there are 10 steps in which the most important step is choosing beautiful fabrics. Most embroidery paintings are now by machine, but hand-embroidered paintings will look beautiful and “more soulful” as being sewed by the craftsmen themselves. The workers here all love this job. For them, it is a joy, a pride.

Work in sewing and embroidering the national flag, in addition to the economic values, maintaining the craft village is also a beauty and a way to preserve the quintessence of the cultural craft village of Vietnam./.