A large number of people trekked to the remote rice terraces of the northern province of Yen Bai to see an installation in the form of a "crystal cloud" created from 58,000 shimmering beads.

The exhibition is the first of its kind in Vietnam and the second in the world after the Crystal Cloud installation created by artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot at Swarovski Crystal World in Austria. 

Artist Andy Cao said "It was our pleasure to work with the owner of the field, and receive supports from the local authority. This is our first project in Vietnam and a dream that we will never forget."

Vu Chi Bao, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City said "this is such a unique exhibition. I have never seen such an installation like this in the open air. It is amazing watching the sunlight reflect on the water and the crystals."

The Crystal Cloud is made of hand-sculpted galvanised wire mesh and adorned with 58,000

Crystal Cloud – La Pán Tẩn 2018, a landscape art exhibition, opened on Mâm Xôi Hill in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, on May 19 as part of activities to mark the 128th Swarovski crystals.

The cloud formation is supported by a series of randomly placed galvanised steel posts and bamboos resembling a shimmering crystal forest.

Lu Thi Ly, resident in La Pan Tan commune, Mu Cang Chai province said "this paddy field is passed down by our ancestor. I can’t believe that so many people know about it, especially when the crystal clouds are exhibited here. We are very happy and tell each other to keep it so that more people can come and take photos."

Visitors to the district in May could see glittering ponds before locals transplant rice seedlings.

After May the terraced fields were a brilliant green until they turn yellow with ripe rice in early September.-VNA