A delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam led by Vuong Thua Phong, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, has attended the ruling United Russia Party Congress.

Within the congress’s framework, officials of the United Russia Party met Vuong Thua Phong. They spoke highly of Vietnam’s recent development and affirmed that the United Russia Party attaches importance to promoting relations with the Communist Party of Vietnam.

They expressed their belief that the ties between the two parties would make a contribution to enhancing the Russia-Vietnam partnership.

The United Russia Party Congress, which opened in Moscow on Nov. 27, drew nearly 10,000 delegates and 27 international delegations. It focused on the official nomination of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a candidate for the presidential elections scheduled for March 4, 2012.

Prime Minister Putin called on Russian voters to support the United Russia Party and President Dmitry Medvedev who leads candidates to run for seats in the State Duma (Lower House) elections to take place on December 4./.