A Vietnamese representative to the UN has said that the establishment and conduct of peacekeeping mandates should be consistently carried out in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the universally recognised guidelines.

Addressing the UN Security Council’s Open Debate on UN Peacekeeping operations in New York on Aug. 5, Vietnamese Permanent Representative, Ambassador Le Luong Minh named these basic principles, including the consent of the parties, the non-use of force except in self-defence, total impartiality, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States and non-interference into their internal affairs.

“We underline the importance of maximal ensurance of unity of command, lines of accountability, integration of efforts and safety and security of UN peacekeepers,” Minh added.

According to him, troops- and police-contributing countries, most of whom are non aligned and developing countries, should be involved early and fully in all aspects and stages of peacekeeping so as to contribute their expertise and experience to the decision-making process at both Headquarters and in the field.

The diplomat said as part of a comprehensive approach to latent conflicts, peacekeeping should be strengthened by national efforts of reconciliation and full realisation of people’s potential and would in turn alleviate the situations of the already over-burdened missions.

“In order to achieve a sustainable peace, conflicts must be resolved at its root causes by engaging all involved parties based on dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes, by finding long-term solutions to the comprehensive political, security, economic and humanitarian dimensions of a given problem. Depending on each specific circumstance and context, preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention and resolution and peacebuilding, if used appropriately, can bring about more desired effects and less costly solutions,” the diplomat concluded./.