A senior Vietnamese diplomat at the UN Security Council has hailed the recent visit to Myanmar by the UN chief, saying it was “timely and necessary given the overall situation in Myanmar at this juncture”.

At the briefing on Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Myanmar on July 13, Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam , said that the visit further confirmed the role of the UN represented by the Secretary-General as a key mediator as well as its commitment to helping the Government and people of Myanmar with a broad-based forward-looking package.

He highly appreciated the Secretary-General’s meetings with state leaders and representatives of political parties, cease-fire groups, and 300 participants from non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and diplomatic corps.

Ambassador Giang emphasised the Secretary-General’s meeting with the Tripartite Core Group, describing it “as very important, for it again gives added value to the successful cooperation between the United Nations, ASEAN and the Government of Myanmar.”

The diplomat recognised the Myanmar Government’s decision to grant amnesty to prisoners and enable them to participate in next year’s elections.

At the same time, taking into account the complex situation in Myanmar , Ambassador Giang said the UN chief’s visit on July 3-4 proved to be a meaningful step in a process needed for Myanmar to become a peaceful, stable and prosperous country.

“In this process, it is the people of Myanmar who determine their own destiny. The assistance of the international community and the United Nations is extremely important and will be effective once it is based on engagement of and cooperation with the Government and people of Myanmar ,” he said.

He stressed Vietnam ’s support for a comprehensive approach in helping address the root causes of the challenges Myanmar is facing. He affirmed the establishment of the National Economic Forum with a focus on agriculture will be pivotal and United Nations agencies and donors should and could play a more active role.

“As a country in the region with a high stake in seeing peace, stability and development promoted in Myanmar, we wish to reaffirm Vietnam’s continued support for the Secretary-General’s good offices and all other efforts conducive to the national reconciliation and democratisation process in this country,” he said.

“In ways that we deem appropriate and productive, we will continue to be a constructive part of this process,” he added.