Vietnam has voiced support for the extension of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)’s mandate in the Golan Heights for another six months as proposed by the Secretary General and agreed by the concerned parties.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN Security Council, Ambassador Bui The Giang, affirmed the country’s stance while attending the council’s consultation on UNDOF in New York on June 19.

Giang spoke highly of UNDOF’s role and efforts in maintaining security in the Golan Heights, as well as the observance of the ceasefire and the quiet situation in UNDOF’s area of operation, considering this as an expression of the continued cooperation extended by both Israel and Syria to UNDOF.

The ambassador also urged the concerned parties to facilitate UNDOF’s freedom of movement and the flow of its supplies.

He, however, raised concern about the continued construction and renovation of defense positions in areas of limitation and about the prolonged presence of landmines, thus posing deadly threats to UN staff and local inhabitants.

Giang called on both sides to work constructively with UN agencies to speed up mine clearance and raise the awareness of the danger among the civilian population.

Given the tension that covers the broader Middle East region, the diplomat proposed the concerned parties resume the indirect peace talks, initiated under the auspices of Turkey , aimed at a comprehensive, durable and just solution in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions./.