Vietnamese border guards have rescued 19 Cambodians in flood caused by heavy rains following the 8th storm which also hard hit the central region of Vietnam earlier this month, reported the Vietnam Net online newspaper.

In addition to severe consequences for the central region of Vietnam, with two people being killed, one injured and three missing, the tropical storm also caused flooding in many areas of the Central Highlands, including the border district of Chu Prong in Gia Lai province.

At the same time, on the other side of the border, Cambodia was also affected by flood. In particular, the border district of Oyadao in Ratanakiri district suffered from huge rains, causing flooding in many areas, including Police Station 703, Commanding Position 43 and a number of households around.

At about 9am on September 18, when the water was rising, the chiefs of the police station and the commanding position asked for help from the Vietnamese border station.

Colonel Truong The Tuan, commander of the Border Guard forces of Gia Lai province, immediately assigned a group of 13 soldiers led by Major Nguyen Van Ky, deputy chief of La Lop border station, to assist the Cambodian stations.

The working group had to swim through large springs. After two hours struggling with floodwater, the Vietnamese soldiers approached the site when water almost reached the roofs of houses. Nearly 20 people were sitting on the roof of the highest house. Many women and children were crying and screaming from cold and fear while flood water was rising, and gradually swallowed everything.

The Vietnamese soldiers decided to rescue women and children first. By 5pm, 19 Cambodian soldiers and people were safely brought to La Lop border stations. Among the victims were seven children and five women.

Resting at La Lop border station, Lieutenant Vin Long – vice chief of Police Station 703 – said: "Without Vietnamese soldiers, I do not know what would have happened to me and many other people. I was very impressed with the Vietnamese soldiers. They were not afraid of danger to help us."

Soc Kin said that of the 19 rescued, six are her family members. "If Vietnamese soldiers did not arrive quickly, my entire family would have been washed away by the flood," she said.-VNA