Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh and Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Simeon Dyankov agreed to co-organise various cultural activities next year during a meeting in Hanoi on October 18.

Accordingly, a series of cultural activities such as a 2013 Vietnam cultural week in Bulgaria and a similar event in Vietnam, a Vietnam’s ceramics exhibition, a display of objects from heritages and traditional music and art shows in Bulgaria will be organised.

Tuan said during the Vietnam cultural week in Bulgaria, Vietnam will introduce to Bulgarian friends special films, and open various exhibition featuring the people and land of Vietnam, besides other activities.

Vietnam will continue to exchange cultural information with Bulgaria, and invite Bulgaria to a film festival and an international circus festival it will host later this year.

Dyankov applauded Vietnam’s initiative of organising the cultural week in each country, telling his host that Bulgaria will later this month hold a photo and art works exhibition with the participation of Vietnam.-VNA