The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Cambodian Royal Academy will expand cooperation, aiming to promote the traditional friendship and strategic cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia.

The intention was discussed in talks between delegations of the two bodies, held on August 16 in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh .

Based on the bilateral cooperative agreement signed in Hanoi , they deliberated cooperative orientations and mechanisms to strengthen the agreement in future.

The agreement’s contents included sharing experience in scientific research, organising joint research projects, focusing on sustainable growth research, dealing with climate and environmental changes, cooperating in holding science workshops and publishing science reports in professional magazines, and jointly seeking grant sources and means for scientific research.

During the talks, the Vietnamese delegation recorded the Cambodian side’s proposals on opening a centre for research about Vietnam in the Cambodian Royal Academy .

The Cambodian side agreed to Vietnam ’s suggestion on organising a conference between scientists from the three scientific institutes of Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos for the first time, which will be hosted by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in Hanoi .

Established in 1965, the Cambodian Royal Academy operates in research and training of high-ranking human resources./.