Leaders of the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum and Ratanakiri province of Cambodia have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation for socio-economic development.

Under the document, signed in Kon Tum city on Nov. 27, the two provinces agreed to ask the two Governments for permission for opening more border gates in a move to further foster their socio-economic development.

The two provinces will increase the exchange of information, introduce and create favourable conditions for their enterprises to seek business opportunities in the other locality.

They will also continue to cooperate in teaching Vietnamese and Khmer languages and developing human resources, as part of a cooperation programme between the two governments.

The two provinces will continue keep order and security in the border area and turn it into an area of peace, friendship, cooperation and development as well as facilitate the land border demarcation.

Ratanakiri province pledged to continue assisting Kon Tum in searching and repartriating remains of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers and experts who laid down their lives during the resistance war in Cambodia./.