The head of Cambodia’s Buddhists has expressed his wish for closer ties between Buddhist dignitaries from both countries, to contribute to national construction and development.

Tepvong, Cambodia’s Great Supreme Patriarch, stated this at a meeting with Vu Trong Kim, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee in Hanoi on July 13.

Tepvong thanked Vietnam for assisting the Cambodian people to escape from the genocidal regime and helping the country during its national construction and development.

Kim hailed Tepvong for visiting at a time when Vietnam and Cambodia are celebrating their Friendship Year and the 45 th anniversary of diplomatic ties between both countries.

He said that the VFF Central Committee has worked closely with the National Council of the Solidarity Front for the Development of the Cambodian Motherland to carry out a number of cooperation programmes, showing determination to consolidate and strengthen bilateral ties between the two peoples.

As a member of the VFF, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has expanded its programme of charitable activities to help raise its prestige and position.-VNA