The Cambodian news agency (AKP) sought to continue receiving active cooperation in information exchange and personnel training from the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), contributing to the fine development of the two countries’ relations, said AKP Deputy General Director Ouk Kimseng.

The AKP Deputy General Director made the statement at a reception given by Deputy Director of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) Commission for Popularisation and Education Nguyen The Ky, in Hanoi on August 1.

He informed the host of new progress in the cooperative relations between AKP and VNA and orientations for bilateral cooperation between the two news agencies.

Deputy Director Ky voiced the Vietnamese Party and State’s support for the comprehensive cooperation between VNA and AKP, which functions as a core in the relationship among press agencies and a bridge of friendship and cooperation between the two countries’ leaders and peoples.

He highlighted VNA’s role and position in the country’s media sector, saying it was the official Party and State organ in the fields of internal and external relations with various types of press, such as printing press, pictorial newspapers and e-newspapers.

He proposed VNA and AKP continue promoting the exchange of information and delegations, saying that he hoped to receive more Cambodian press delegations to Vietnam.

Earlier, VNA Deputy General Director Nguyen Duc Loi held talks with his Cambodian counterpart, Ouk Kimseng in Hanoi.

The VNA Deputy General Director affirmed that the two sides had effectively fulfilled the articles of a professional cooperative agreement signed between VNA and AKP in 2006 on information exchange, training of reporters and sub-editors and provision of technical assistance.

However, he said, they should jointly prepare for the signing of a new cooperative agreement in 2012 to meet future news requirements.

The VNA Deputy General Director thanked AKP for creating favourable conditions for the VNA bureau in Phnom Penh to fulfil its mission.

AKP Deputy General Director Ouk Kimseng praised the diversification and high quality of news sources that VNA had provided to AKP.

AKP was always active in covering news on Vietnam’s socio-economic development, said Ouk Kimseng, saying he hoped for further consolidation of cooperation between AKP and VNA, particularly in human resource training and technical infrastructure development.

The two news agencies agreed to enhance the quality and efficiency of information exchanges to meet the requirement of fast, accurate and diversified news in politics, economics and culture so as to function as a bridge to increase mutual understanding between the two peoples.

VNA Deputy General Director Loi proposed both sides seek measures to enhance bilateral ties in multimedia information, establish a link between both countries’ websites and enhance the exchange of professional activities between reporters.

VNA Deputy General Director Nguyen Duc Loi and AKP Deputy General Director Ouk Kimseng signed a memorandum of understanding on the content of the visit. On the occasion, the AKP delegation toured the VNA television centre./.