The Vietnamese Supreme People’s Court and its Chinese counterpart should step up the sharing of experience in building socialist-oriented rule-of-law, States President Nguyen Minh Triet said.

Receiving President of China’s Supreme People’s Court Wang Shengjun in Hanoi on April 18, President Triet spoke highly of the results of cooperation between the court sectors of the two countries, especially the freshly-signed cooperation agreement covering court management, judicial administration and training, and the exchange of information about law enforcement.

Triet requested the two court sectors further promote cooperation in the fight against distorted arguments of hostile forces while trying crimes in their respective countries.

The world has experienced complex changes, hence Vietnam and China should unite and join hands in national defence and development as well as in combating hostile forces which attempt to undermine the building of socialism in each country, the leader stressed.

Wang said the court sectors have enjoyed close and effective cooperative ties, contributing greatly to the common development of the China-Vietnam relationship.

The court sectors play an increasingly important role in the process of socio-economic development and the enforcement of laws in their respective countries, Wang added./.