Vietnam has made great contributions to the overall success of the 66 th session of the UN General Assembly, said a Vietnamese diplomat.

Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Deputy Foreign Minister and head of the Vietnamese Mission to the UN, made the remark in an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency in New York on the occasion of the conclusion of the 66 th session and the opening of the 67 th session of the UN General Assembly.

Trung said that despite taking place in the context of increasing conflicts and the slow recovery of the world economy, the 66 th session recorded many successes, especially in playing an intermediary role in reconciliation and promoting environmental protection and social development.

UN member countries highly valued Vietnam’s recommendations regarding the session’s activities, saying that they are practical, appropriate and effective, he said, adding that the “one-UN in Vietnam” initiative is considered an useful lesson for improving the efficiency of the UN operations around the globe.

During the 66 th session, Vietnam actively participated in activities of many committees and organisations, including a high-ranking forum on South-South cooperation and a meeting of the Committee on Sustainable Development. The country also put forth a number of initiatives and recommendations that help improve the efficiency of these multilateral mechanisms.

With these contributions, Vietnam continues to be recognised by the international community as an active, proactive and effective member of the UN and other international organisations, the ambassador stressed.-VNA