Vietnam has so far this year raked in more than 760 million USD from shipment of over 1.73 million tonnes of rice, according to the Vietnam Food Association.

Currently, the rice price in the Mekong Delta, the country’s largest granary, continues to drop 100 VND (about 0.05 USD) a kilo compared to the last week’s figure. Prices of dry unhusked rice in the Mekong Delta hover from 5,000 VND (around 0.25 USD) to 5,100 VND (0.25 USD) per kilo.

According to the association, provinces of the Mekong Delta have harvested about 10.5 million tonnes of unhusked rice from the winter-spring crop 2013. Meanwhile, local farmers have sowed over 480,000 hectares out of 1.6 million hectares planned for the upcoming summer-autumn crop.

To ensure stable rice production and supply as well as profits for local farmers, the construction of a storage system capable of storing up to 4 million tonnes of paddy rice in the Mekong Delta is underway. The facilities are expected to be operational by the end of this year.-VNA