The film “Lay chong nguoi ta” or “In the name of love” will be screened at the 37 th Toronto International Film Festival which runs from September 6 to 16, in Ontario Province , Canada .

This marks the first time a Vietnam ’s film produced by a private studio invited to join such a major festival.

“In the name of love” directed by Luu Huynh is hoping to win the People’s Choice Award for Contemporary World Cinema at the world’s second biggest film festival, according to the festival’s official website.

The film tells the story of a young couple trying to begin a happy family life but feel that something is missing without a child. However one day their dreams are answered after a man who is the husband’s close friend helps the young wife have a baby, but he also awakens feelings of jealousy and misery between the couple.

The movie will be screened in Vietnam nationwide from September 21.-VNA