A delegation of senior officials from the Finance Ministry headed by Deputy Minister Tran Xuan Hieu are currently on a visit to Indonesia from Mar. 15.

The delegation met with officials and specialists from the Indonesian Finance Ministry to exchange views on issues of mutual concern, focusing on the rise in inflation, the role State-owned enterprises play in the economy and the best ways to restructure State-owned enterprises.

Deputy Minister Hieu discussed current market mechanisms that have been under State management for more than 20 years in Vietnam , and lessons learned when trying to reform and improve the efficiency of State-owned enterprises, which are vital to the country’s economy. He stressed on the need for the government to manage the state of the country’s macro-economy, inflation and a stable market.

The Indonesian party gave their guests a presentation on their market regulations from an economic prospective, as well as the implementation of measures to manage prices, control inflation, and restructure and raise the efficiency of their own State-own enterprises.

Both agreed to boost cooperation in this area as it would be mutually beneficial and speed up the regional integration of both nations towards an ASEAN Community by 2015.