Vietnamese and Japanese scholars gathered at a seminar in Hanoi on Feb. 29 to discuss the current situation in East Asia and Southeast Asian and peace and security in the Asia Pacific.

Participants heard about changes in policies of major countries and their influence on regional security, as well as measures including the cooperative orientation to boost the strategic partnership, bilateral and multilateral relations between Vietnam and Japan and other countries in the region.

At present, Asia Pacific faces many security challenges as traditional security problems increase and non-traditional security issues such as maritime, water resource, food and internet security have arisen. Meanwhile, the region has not yet developed a suitable cooperative mechanism to effectively cope with these problems.

Maritime security is an issue attracting much concern from participants. They agreed that recent disputes in the East Sea caused tension and threatened peace, stability and security in the region and the world.

On the Vietnam-Japan relations, scientists agreed that it is necessary to deepen the strategic cooperation between the two countries, set up mechanisms for information exchange and policy consultation on urgent issues, including maritime security, nuclear safety and natural disasters, as well as training military officers and technicians and developing sea forces.-VNA