Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia jointly held a seminar in Vientiane on March 19 seeking ways to strengthen parliamentary supervision of State budget implementation and auditing procedures.

The Vietnamese delegation to the event was led by Phung Quoc Hien, chairman of the National Assembly’s Finance-Budget Committee.

Participants said that the trio’s cooperation in law making and supervision has greatly contributed to the socio-economic stability in each country, as well as strengthening collaboration among their legislative bodies.

They also shared experience on managing the State budget and directing finance-budget policies in the future in order to ensure budget balance, reduce public debt and improve competitiveness. These steps have been acknowledge as essential if each nation is to achieve socio-economic development and poverty reduction before the formation of an ASEAN Community in 2015.

In the time to come, the three sides will continue organising rotary annual joint conferences on budgeting, strengthening external relations and international cooperation.

They will also boost the sharing of experience with prestigious international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).-VNA