Police of Vietnam’s northern province of Hai Duong and its counterpart from Vientiane province of Laos on April 21 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on combating crime.

The MoU was reached during a visit to Hai Duong by a delegation from Vientiane Police Department led by its deputy head Buathong Phongsavat on the occasion of the 65 th founding anniversary of Hai Duong Police (April 24).

During their working session, the policemen exchanged experience in ensuring political security, social order, and a sense of vigilance over attempts of reactionary and hostile forces, and measures in combating crime, especially drug crimes, contributing to the two countries’ socio-economic development.

This move and the visit reflected solidarity between fraternal Vietnamese and Lao peoples and the two twin provinces of Hai Duong and Vientiane./.